Fresh Starts

Fresh Starts At some point in our lives, we need to take a risk.  Instinctively, you likely know the one I’m talking about for you. THE risk.  It’s the one that opens you to the judgment or opinion of others, where we push through the fear and use our voice; when we walk away for the last time.  The one where we quit our jobs to pursue something less secure.

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I’ve done all of these things, for the record. But, this one is the scariest for me.  This one is the closest to my heart. It’s letting you see me. And what if you don’t like what you see, or worse, don’t care?

Here’s the great thing about turning forty: in your forties you stop making decisions based on what other people think; rather suddenly, your own opinion about your life and your choices is the one that matters most.

Forty makes you braver than you’ve ever been. It’s a refreshing blast of ice water in your face; it’s a swagger earned only through experience. It’s a fresh start.
Welcome, friend.


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