40 Stories

We Thrive On Connection.

Hands up if you know a woman in her 40s who’s kicking a** on a daily basis. You might be thinking,

‘This woman is freaking amazing. Someone needs to tell her story’ 

Obviously, we both know this type of woman. And, we’re going to tell her story.

Step 1: Think of the wonder women in your circle

You are probably friends with a dozen of these women – they’ve changed relationships, jobs, countries, identities. They’ve quietly – or loudly – kept their dream alive for years despite the doubts, the stares, the lack of recognition. They found love, lost love, redefined love. They hammered at the glass ceiling; they reinvented themselves.  Check the criteria list at the bottom.

Step 2:  Fill out Nomination Form (below)

Nominate someone you know. Nominate yourself.

Nominate as many women as you want. Tell us a bit about each woman, what she’s accomplished,  what challenges she’s over come, what she means to you and to others.

Step 3: Submit Form 

This part’s easy. Just hit send. If you want, share this post with a couple friends. Spread the word so we can have more inspiring stories for us all.

Deadline is August 31, 2017

40 Stories Nomination Form

Introduce the world  to the inspiring, powerful and smart -dare I say, ordinary- women who have set the bar high for the rest of us, they’ve risen to the challenge, leaving the doubters in the dust. They’ve found a way to help themselves and others, or, are just amazing role models for humanity in general.  They’re employees, entrepreneurs, community leaders, matriarchs,  authors, volunteers, inventors; Bold-faced names and unsung heroes.  They’re resilient, flawed, amazing.

Each selected candidate  will have her story featured through our 40 Stories site including an interview and write up and/or a video feature and maybe even on our forthcoming podcast.


  • She’s over 35 years of age (*this is the only mandatory criteria)
  • She’s kicking butt in her chosen career
  • She’s over come real challenges
  • She’s a great role model
  • She’s an innovator
  • She inspires you
  • She’s had a fascinating life story and continues to re-invent herself
  • She deserves some recognition.